Bib's world

Bib is a cute giraffe.
Bib loves to run fast.
Bib is approaching a tree.
A branch is hanging low.
How will this end?

Bib bumps its head, is a short story that deals with pure enjoyment of playfull running and with overcomming setbacks. The book is best fitted for children of 2 – 9 years old. Early readers might read it by themselves at the end of grade 1.

This all started as a Corona-stay-at-home project. By now the story has been translated into many languages and dialects with the help of many people all over the world. All just for the fun of writing & reading, and making children smile.

Many books are in 1 languague/dialect, yet others are bi-lingual e.g. Russian & English.
Please see below, the list of languages is still growing as requests are still send out into the world through the Internet.

If you’re looking for a combination of one of the languages mentioned below with another language than English, please get in contact with me by leaving a message below, on this website. Many combinations of two languages can be provided. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dutch titled Bib stoot het hoofd

Nuths (South Limburgish – Nuth) titled: Bib boetst zich de bölles

Wieërts (Middle-Limburgish – Weert) titled: Bib stoeëtj de kop

Venrods (Nothern-Limburgish – Venray) titled: Bib stöt ‘t bölleke

Echs (Southern Limburgish – Echt) titled: Bib stöt de kop

Zittesj (South-Limburgish – Sittard) titled: Bib sjteut zich de kop

Mestreechs (Southern Limburgish – Maastricht) titled: Bib stoet d’n öpper

Remunjs (Southern Limburgish – Roermond) titled: Bib sjteut zien bulke

Kirchröadsj (Southern Limburgish – Kerkrade) titled: D’r Bib sjtuest ziech d’r kóp

Venloos (Mid-Limburgish – Venlo) titled: Bib stoeët ziene kieëbus

Valkebergs (South-Limburgish – Valkenburg) titled: Bib sjtuèt ziene bölles

Nimweegs (Southern Geldern – Nijmegen) titled: Bib het ‘n buts veur de kop

Gruusbeks (Southern Geldern – Groesbeek) titled: Bib stöt d’n kop

Gents (East Flemish – Gent) titled: Bib luupt hem ‘n buile

Grunnegers (Lower Saksen – Groningen) titled: Bib stöt de kop

Achterhooks (Lower Saksen – Achterhoek) titled: Bib stöt de kop

Twents (Lower Saksen – Twente) titled: Bib stöt ‘n knikkerd

Frisian (West Frisian – Fries) titled: Bib stompet de holle

Latin titled: Bib caput percutit

Esperanto titled: Bib batas al si la kapon

Turkish titled: Bib kafasını çarpıyor

Kurmançi (North Kurdish) titled: Bib serê xwe êşand

Arabic titled: بيب يصتضم برأسه

Polish titled: Bib udrza się w głowę

Papiamentu titles: Bib ta dal su kabes

Berber (Tmazight) titled: Bib iteqqs as uzedjif

English titled: Bib bumps its head

German titled: Bib stößt sich den Kopf

Spanish titled: Bib se golpea la cabeza

Portuguese titled O Bib bate com a cabeça

Portuguese do Brasil titled Bib bate a cabeça

French titled: Bib se cogne la tête

Italian titled: Bib sbatte la testa

Afrikaans titled: Bib stamp sy kop

Spanish titled: Bib se golpea la cabeza

Indonesian titled: Biba memukul kepalanya

Bulgarian titled: Биб блъска главата си

Hongarian (Magyar) titled: Bib beüti a fejét

Greek titled: Ο Mπiπ χτυπάει το κεφάλι του

Swedish titled: Bib slår sig i huvudet

Russian titled: Биб ударяет голову

Lithuanian & English titled: Bibas susitrenkė galvą – Bib bumps its head

Turkish titled: Bib kafasını çarpıyor

Chinese (Mandarin) titled: 比勃撞到头

Berber (Tamazigh) titled: Bib iteqqs as uzedjif

Finnish (Suomen kieli) titled: Bib lyö päänsä

Maori (Te Reo) itled: Ka tukia te māhunga o Bib

Norwegian (Bokmål) titled: Bib får en kul

Norwegian (Nynorsk) itled: Bib får ein kul

Scottish Gaelic titled: Nuair a bhuail Bib a cheann

Cymraeg (Welsh) titled: Mae Bib yn taro ei ben

Sranantongo (Suriname) titled: Bib trusu a ede

Example of a bi-lingual version. Many languages and combinations are available. Get into contact and ask for special combinations of languages.

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