Using DreamScope for inspiration – Coloring book drawing


How to find new inspiration for a color book drawing using an existing image?

DreamScope app in Apple app store. The basical functions of the app are free for use.

An app I often use on my iPad to get some new inspiration is DreamScope. This app alters an uploading image by applying a filter. As user you can pick your a filter from all the available filter.
The app is free.
The actual converting of an image to a new image does take quite some time. The app isn’t fast. It’s rather slow. But you don’t have to wait for the result because the app will notify you when your new image is ready.

Now what to do with DreamScope?


Free image of The Milkmaid (Rijksmuseum, Netherlands)

Consider using this free image of the famous painting of the milkmaid (courtesy to the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands).

What I did, is I uploaded the image to DreamScope several times, each time applying a different filter to it.




DreamScope produced his remix of the milkmaid

I then let DreamScope do its work in the background and went on doing other stuff.
When DreamScope notified me the images were ready, I had a look at the results and picked an image I liked.




I then imported this image into another of my favorite apps on my iPad Pro: ProCreate.

In ProCreate, I put the image made by DreamScope on a background layer, added a new empty layer, and traced the outlines I liked to keep in a new layer.

When ready, I saved the layer with the outlines as a new image.
This result could be used as an image in a color book.

Result of my tracing of the outlines in ProCreate app





I colored the image, again in ProCreate, with the following as the end result.

This is the result of my coloring of the traced outlines image.

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