EDC Week 3

Week 3  Reasserting the Human  [ length of 2 videos: 1:54, 2:54 ]

Two images:


Pars pro toto

Why did I make these 2 videos and these 2 images?

Week 3 of the EDC-MOOC had as a central theme “Reasserting the Human”. I really got fun making my short videos and ended up making 3 in this week of the course.
Next to this there was a competition in the course where we were asked to make an image on the theme of the week and to upload this image to Flickr-river. I entered the competition with two images.

Video 1: In search of Humanity

  • Perspective plays a major part in viewing reality.
  • From too far and from too close, a human being is invisible, unrecognisable.
  • Technology can show us things from a large distance or can zoom in onto tiny details.
  • Only from the right distance, in the right perspective, in the human proportion, the human can be recognized as a human.

I made this video using screenshots (on my iPad) of the application CosmicEye.

Video 2: Man and Technology

  • In the current time we live in a close relationship to technology.
  • Technology can help a conception, can help a weak baby.
  • Glasses, hearing aids, walking aids … they help us to express as much as possible our human capabilities and thus make us who we are.
  • Technology at a certain point becomes part of a human body. Though this at first may sound weird, we already have this situation in our current time e.g. with pacemakers, artificial hips etc.
  • Where will future bring us when technology becomes intelligent, when we start communicating with technical tools, when those tools become a self-thinking part of our bodies?


Image 1: Directions

  • Whereto does the future lead us?
  • It takes different angles to get a good clue of what future can bring us.
  • But even with the clearest directions on a sign, you need your own goal to find the way to go.

Image 2: Pars pro Toto

  • DNA is becoming so important in modern medicine that there’s a danger that it’ll become too technical, too distant from real people, real patients.
  • Let’s not forget where it’s all about in the end.

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