EDC Week 2

Week 2  Looking to the Future [ length of video: 1:56 ]

Why did I make this video?

Week 2 of the EDC-MOOC had as a central theme “Looking to the Future”.
It had several sub-themes like ‘the future in glass’, ‘the influence of metaphores’, ‘opening education’, and ‘transcontextual learning’.

I wanted to pick one thing that touched me most and use that in a short film.

What I hoped to express in this short film is the following:

  • The glass touch screen can be a wonderful portal to all of the worlds knowledge. Yet in medicine  sick people need  treatment, based on scientific knowledge and on compassion.
  • Touch is used in the video as a metaphor for compassion. So true compassion becomes true touch in the video, people really touching each other.
  • Worldwide e-Learning like MOOC-s can be helpfull in spreading the knowledge to far away areas which can’t afford universities and medical schools. But this is not enough. Translation to local habits and local languages is necessary. Mixing e-Learning and face-to-face teaching into the so-called Blended Learning could be the vehicle for this.
  • In the end it all comes down on a real doctor really touching a real patient.

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