EDC Week 1

Week 1  Looking to the Past [ length of video 1:38 ]

Why did I make this video?

Week 1 of the EDC-MOOC had as a central theme “Looking to the Past”. It was furthermore about the possibility of an utopian versus a dystopian view upon technology, more specific upon digital technology.
Both views, utopian and dystopian could be argued for, but I liked to be optimistic, that’s why I made a utopian view upon modern technology.

I wanted to pick one thing that touched me most and use that in a short video. To me that was that people are social beings and want to be in touch with each other. Technology to me is just a way to expand the possibilities to stay in touch with each other.

Click here to go to week 2http://ronleunissen.com/ron/welcome/week-2/

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