Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 13.35.09In a dark data centre Heartbleed woke up and looked around.

After gathering data for two years now, the ultimate step would now be taken. Under the disguise of funny videos, pornographic images and free games, the program had spread over thousands of computers.
Now the time has come to strike.

It had been four years now that Adam’s wife left him and took off with the CEO of the large ICT company Adam was working for. Taking his gorgeous wife to that last Christmas party was the dumbest thing he did in his life. Heart filled with anger Adam wrote Heartbleed, the best Troyan Horse he had ever created. It took him two years to complete it.

Completely undetected Heartbleed had been collecting data on Adam’s ex wife and her new lover. After two years Heartbleed was ready to strike.

Adam’s smartphone vibrated and showed him the message he had been waiting for: ‘Message from HB: all data collected, ready to erase. Reply with “Y” to proceed.’
Adam grinned bitterly and pressed “Y” on the touch screen.

Within 2 milliseconds Heartbleed erased all data on Adam’s ex wife and her lover. They simply didn’t exist any more: no social security number, no birth certificate, no credit cards, no banking account, no employment data, no salaries … nothing was spared … legally the two had become as if they had never existed … life would become hell for them …

‘Data erased’ was shown on Adam’s smartphone.
Adam smiled, sat himself in his comfortable recliner and enjoyed his drink.