The little green bottle / TDC 1400

On November 8 2015 the daily create assignment of DS106 (TDC1400) is to make the start of a story using the following text to start with: “The story of that remarkable green bottle that was found a month ago by a little boy and his dog in the nearby”.

Here below you can read my submission for that assignment.


The story of that remarkable green bottle that was found a month ago by a little boy and his dog in the nearby beach was still in her head.

At first Nancy had given it not much attention when she read it in the newspaper. That was over four weeks ago now.

She somehow knew that she had seen that green bottle before. If only she could remember where she and seen it.

While she took a last sip of her espresso her thoughts went on. The bottle was empty, the newspaper said. The lid had come off, and what ever was in it was now dispersed in the water of the Blue river.

One week after the little bottle was found, the number of people suffering from dangerously high fever went up with 300% in Elswhere, the neighboring town just 3 miles further downstream. Already 16 people died. 25 were still in hospital. There was no sign that this situation would improve in the coming weeks.

Was this just coincidental? Could it be that it had to do with what was in the green bottle?
Nancy knew she wouldn’t give up until she had a proper answers to all her questions.

She put on her coat and stepped out of her apartment, ready for another day at the National Health Investigation Bureau.


Balloons in comics – DigiWriMo week 2

When reading comics most of the attention goes to the drawings and the storyline. Yet there’s a lot of creativity behind the balloons used in a story. I’ll show a couple of examples below.

In the first example we see the normal use of balloons with a point to a character that indicates that this character speaks. When the balloon points to the character using several little circles it indicates that this is what the character is thinking. The text outside the balloons or in the rectangles is the voice of storyteller, the voice over.
To indicate shouting the creators of this comic use spiky edges on the balloons.

Using spiky edges to indicate shouting

In this second example bold and italic are used to indicate shouting. In the bottom part of the page the characters of the other species speak a different language which is indicated by using a different font.

fonts and languages
Different fonts used to indicate different languages

In this third and last example the red magical character in the story speaks a different language which is indicated by using a different edge.

Using fonts to indicate different languages
Using fonts to indicate different languages

DigiWriMo – week 1 – Story Jumping Activity – Episode 5

[This is part 5 of a story jumping activity for Digital Writing MonthBruno started it, followed by Kevin, Maha and Sarah. Sign up in the Google Doc if you’d like to join in]

Protagonist in this episode: Ron
Location: the Pub – we’re following Ron’s thoughts
Timeframe: this starts just before Sarah’s ukulele gets broken
Just to make sure: this is all fictional

Is that Sarah … what’s she doing in our pub?
What this now? … Sarah? … fighting?
What ever happened that made her wrestling that dumb blond Sandy?
Boy, she looks mean. She sure fights a mean fight!

What a noise these ladies make.

OMG ! It that a chain saw she’s about to use … Holy cow! … a machine gun?
Beng … there goes Sarah’s ukulele. That will hurt her feelings very much. She loved that crazy thing.

I wonder what Kevin will say when sees his girlfriend messed up this way.
Kevin, oh, dear Kevin … he’s ever so much in love. Love makes blind, we say in my town. Yeah, and Shakespeare said beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
How did he ever get involved with this Sandy? It’s still a mystery to me.
There she goes. Her ukulele is all torn up. I guess that’s broken beyond repair now.

Where’s she going now?
Oh no, that can’t be true … is she actually heading towards Kevin’s place?
She’d better make sure Sandy doesn’t see that. She’ll use those machine guns on Sarah after all, instead of just firing away into the pub’s ceiling.
Let’s keep enough distance between me and her so she won’t see me following her.

Ah, this must be Kevin’s street.
What’s that girl doing in the house opposite Kevin’s? Why is she staring at Sarah?
Isn’t that Maha? Does she have a crush on Kevin too?
What is it with this guy?
How does he do it?

Want to know how this goes on? Just go to Tanya’s blog to see how this drama evolves.

Little Eleven ( in Dutch “Elfje” )

An “Elfje” (little eleven) is a form of a short poem with exactly 11 words.

When written the poem has got 1 word on the first line, 2 words on the second line, etc. The fifth line has got 1 word online. It’s even better when you build tension in the poem over the first four lines and relieve that tension in the last line.
In print it should look something like this.

Two Three
Four Five Six
Seven Eight Nine Ten

You can click to an example ‘little eleven’ poem here