Sharing Art for healthcare

This year I’m participating in the Art for Healthcare in Scotland project.

Artist from all over the world will be sending handmade original pieces of art in the form of a postcard to Edinburgh. All cards will appear in an exhibition and will be for sale. The revenues will go to a project in Scottish healthcare.

I submitted a color pencil remix of the famous Milkmaid by Vermeer.

Sharing art – drawing tweets

For some time I’ve been drawings to tweets by Miranda Keeling and share them on twitter with Miranda and others.

Now Miranda is holding an exhibition of several of these drawings from artists from all over the world. 5 of the drawings will be made by me. The exhibition will be in London during March 2019.

More information on the exhibition here:

Tweets as source of inspiration

Last week a tweet by Miranda Keeling (@MirandaKeeling) made me laugh and encouraged me to do something creative with this tweet.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-20 om 12.31.29
Tweet by @MirandaKeeling

In my mind I could see the elderly woman and boy sitting opposite to each other, and I wanted to put this mental image into a drawing.

Since I’m not that good at drawing, I started with Bazaart app on my iPad. I searched the web for three images: a photo of the inside of a train, a boy and an elderly woman. After I found images of my liking, I imported those into Bazaart and made a collage.

Collage of three images in Bazaart app

From Bazaart I exported the collage as an image to my iPad, and imported it into my drawing app ProCreate. In ProCreate I traced the outlines and saved the result as an image to my iPad.

Turning the collage into a drawing in ProCreate app

Back to Bazaart, I imported the drawing and added the text of Miranda’s tweet to the drawing. Then I exported the result as an image and uploaded it to Twitter as a reply to Miranda’s tweet.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-20 om 12.42.08
Replying to Miranda’s tweet and thanking her for the inspirational tweet


Click here for another drawing inspired by a tweet by Miranda Keeling