A day off

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 13.52.20A day for myself! Just for myself!

I have taken a day off from work.
My spouse is away for a couple of days, on a business trip.
My kids are at school. They will not be back until late afternoon.

First I take a long bath and wash my hair. I use hair conditioner to make my hair soft and glossy. After that I dry myself using a big soft towel.

I put on the sexiest underwear. A black tiny string, silk stockings with suspenders and the most beautiful see-through bra with lace work.

I slip into a gorgeous dark red dress and finish it with a red coral necklace and red golden ear clips.
I leave the high heels off, they are too small to be comfortable enough.

After admiring myself in the large mirror in the bed room, I go downstairs taking the beauty case with me.

In the cozy kitchen I make myself a nice cup of tea and sit down at the big mahogany table. I open the beauty case and take out the necessary make up materials: mascara, rouge, lipstick.
I set the mirror in the lid of the beauty case thus that I can start my make up.

Oh my god! What is that noise at the front door? It unlocks, somebody is entering.

‘Daddy, daddy, we are home early!’