Illustrated Alphabet – challenge

This month (April 2019) the House of Illustration in London had a challenge. Everybody who wanted to, could participate in making an illustrated alphabet. Every day one letter had to be published on Twitter under the hashtag #illustratedalphabet.

Here’s the final collage of all 26 letters I created. My theme was: names of fluffy animals. Each letter was the beginning letter of an animal’s name in the Dutch language (very often that’s the same letter as in English).

Illustrated Alphabet – collage of all 26 letters

Sharing Art for healthcare

This year I’m participating in the Art for Healthcare in Scotland project.

Artist from all over the world will be sending handmade original pieces of art in the form of a postcard to Edinburgh. All cards will appear in an exhibition and will be for sale. The revenues will go to a project in Scottish healthcare.

I submitted a color pencil remix of the famous Milkmaid by Vermeer.

Sharing art – drawing tweets

For some time I’ve been drawings to tweets by Miranda Keeling and share them on twitter with Miranda and others.

Now Miranda is holding an exhibition of several of these drawings from artists from all over the world. 5 of the drawings will be made by me. The exhibition will be in London during March 2019.

More information on the exhibition here:

Sharing art – sketchbook project

Last week I finished my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project of the Brooklyn Art Library New York NY. It has arrived at the library and will soon appear in digitized form on their website. Meanwhile it’s already ready to have a look at in physical form at the library.

This project is a great way to share your art, as a physical sketchbook, with other people. You can find more information on the Sketchbook Project here: sketchbookproject

These are some of the drawings I added to the Sketchbook.

Laura playing her cello

Colors & sounds

This week, as part of CLmooc, Kevin, Wendy, Karon and I played with the wonderful online tool SoundTrap. This tool enables people to work collaboratively on a musical project. We ended up with this “song“.

This playing with sounds and colored reminded me this evening of a project I did some time ago in a creative programming course on Processing on Future Learn.

During the exercises I wrote several pieces of codes creating visuals of colored squares and circles moving. I screen-captured these visuals and saved them as separate movie files. I then imported all the movie files into iMovie on my Mac, mixed them and put several sound tracks underneath the visuals.
This is what came out of all this playing with colors and sounds.